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Fresh From The Press

  • How To Use A Retail Calendar To Accurately Compare Sales

    authored January 13, 2019

    How often have you heard retailers, restaurants and other companies talk about “comp” sales? For many, this happens monthly or at least quarterly to outline how their stores are performing year over year.  Outlining this year over year performance though can be misleading if done incorrectly and hence the use of Retail…

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  • 3 things you should do to amplify your data analytics competence

    authored January 8, 2019

    According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2019 is the Year of the Pig, a symbol for good fortune and prosperity.  We at Daasity believe that great business prosperity comes in part from harnessing data strategically.  So, to begin the New Year, we have three suggestions for companies to adopt that…

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  • Introducing Daasity

    authored November 1, 2017

    Data is the new currency of growth in today’s digitized corporate world. Companies today face the issue of both access to quality data, as well as how to make sense of the magnitude of data they already have access to. Ten years ago, using data to drive business decisions was…

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“The Daasity team are thought leaders in e-commerce and customer analytics, business intelligence, and lean database architecture.    They are paving the way for small and medium sized companies to gain immediate analytical insights into business performance.  Thanks to Daasity we now have a full view of financial performance, marketing efficiency, product performance and customer behavior.”

– Ryan Dell, Chief Marketing Officer at MVMT Watches