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LaunchPad Analytics

As business has moved into the digital age and E-Commerce growth exploded, the abundance and importance of data has been magnified. Driving the growth of a business without the use of data is no longer an option, yet many companies believe they are too small to need or afford data solutions, that data analysis is for the big business with the million-dollar budget.

Daasity invalidates this belief by providing small-to-mid-sized E-Commerce companies with the tools and solutions needed to transform their organizations into data-driven enterprises. Our LaunchPad Analytics product provides companies with solutions to all three phases of total data understanding: Data Integration, Data Management, and Data Analytics.

Data Integration

  • The marketing technology landscape is large and messy. Most E-Commerce businesses have a minimum of 3-5 tools that they use to do everything from host their site to handle emails to customer service. As the number of tools grows it becomes more difficult for a company to properly analyze their data; data that exists in siloed databases is difficult if not impossible to draw meaning from.

    At Daasity we have built out-of-the-box and custom integrations for numerous technologies, pulling multiple data sources into one centralized database. This serves as the first building block in becoming a data driven organization, allowing companies to make connections between different pieces of the business and follow a customer’s complete journey from first site visit to acquisition to customer satisfaction to retention and beyond.

Data Management

  • Once a company’s data is stored in a centralized location it needs to be transformed into an appropriate format to allow for easy consumption and connection with a visualization tool. Daasity specializes in transforming data and connecting it with a data visualization platform, allowing businesses to see their data takeaways displayed in any format they desire. From Looker implementations to Tableau reporting, we have experience across a number of different platforms.

Data Analytics

  • The final key to becoming a data driven organization is asking and answering the right questions with your new-found data tools. What is your customer’s Lifetime Value? Does it vary by marketing channel or date of acquisition? How often are your customers repurchasing, and what can you do to improve that rate? Do you have enough inventory to satisfy all your sales channels? Can you easily project sales with current and incoming inventory to decide what products should have sales accelerated or decelerated? At Daasity we have over 25 years of combined experience answering these sorts of questions for E-Commerce companies of all sizes, from startups with revenue of $2 million a year to $750 million per year enterprises. We not only know how to get the answers from your data, we know the right questions to ask to ensure that your business is growing as efficiently and quickly as possible.

“The Daasity team are thought leaders in e-commerce and customer analytics, business intelligence, and lean database architecture.    They are paving the way for small and medium sized companies to gain immediate analytical insights into business performance.  Thanks to Daasity we now have a full view of financial performance, marketing efficiency, product performance and customer behavior.”

– Ryan Dell, Chief Marketing Officer at MVMT Watches