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The Daasity Platform

Daasity’s mission is to make Big Data and strategic decision making through data accessible to all companies, not just large corporations with large budgets. We’ve designed a platform that extracts, transforms and unifies data and intelligently structures it so that it is available for use in days, not weeks or months. No need to hire engineers or data scientists. Our platform is turnkey and used with the most popular ecommerce and D2C tools. 

D2C Analytics Suite

  • Our first product, the D2C Analytics Suite is quickly changing the way D2C businesses access and use their data. Once your data is loaded, you’ll immediately have access to 12 dashboards that give you answers to questions like:

    “How were sales last week / month / quarter?”

    “How are my sales doing on Amazon vs. Shopify?”

    “What is my customer Lifetime Value?”

    “What do my customers most often buy together?”

    “Are orders getting to customers in <3 days?”

    Not only have we built out dashboards for the metrics that we know matter–they are also easily explored and drilled into, in case you are looking for a different answer.

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“Within a matter of weeks, Daasity had our numerous disparate sources of data pulled into one location. Within a few months we had integral dashboards set up across company functions - from inventory management to financial accounting to website behavior to marketing to customer service. In addition to being speedy and hassle-free, the Daasity team is also just a genuine pleasure to collaborate with. Daasity has been invaluable to Parachute's growth.”

– Lu Chen, Director of Product at Parachute Home