Daasity Looker Partner Summit 2019

Daasity awarded Best Vertical Integrator at the 2019 Looker Partner Summit

SAN DIEGO – (Nov. 18, 2019) – Daasity, an end-to-end analytics solution provider for direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailers, had the honor of winning the award for Best Vertical Integrator given during the 2019 Looker Partner Summit on November 5, 2019. Looker awarded six partner companies out of its 400+ partner ecosystem at the summit this year. Daasity was chosen for the Best Vertical Integrator award to acknowledge the company’s solution that expedites speed to market and speed to insights for Looker customers in the ecommerce and D2C vertical.
Daasity is the first company to design a proprietary platform that addresses the key steps of data extraction, transformation and analysis to give its end users access to business data and metrics quickly. The platform gives companies the capability to use their data strategically and make data-informed decisions without hiring technical staff.

Looker and Daasity share several customers who are finding the combination of Daasity’s proprietary data model as the foundation to Looker’s visualization and BI tools to be a winning combination to drive data-driven decisions and an empowered data culture.

“Daasity became a part of the Looker Partner ecosystem last year in 2018 and has quickly become one of Looker’s go-to partners for ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brands” explains Tom Mante, Director of Alliances at Looker.
As a young start-up, Daasity has already made significant strides and generated notable revenue.

The company is quickly becoming known as the go-to solution in the Shopify Plus community. Forty top DTC brands across the U.S. are using the solution to accelerate their revenue growth, including Kopari Beauty, BioClarity, MVMT Watches, Parachute Home, and Rothy’s. Receiving the Best Vertical Integrator award only confirms that for a such a young company, Daasity is positioned for strong growth as the preferred analytics solution for D2C brands.

“Data is one of the most important assets a company has. Yet effectively using it, ensuring its cleanliness and trusting its accuracy is a challenge for many companies,” said Dan LeBlanc, Daasity CEO and Co-Founder. “Our philosophy is that having access to comprehensive data shouldn’t cost six figures and take months for implementation.”

Customers see the value in Daasity’s product; including bioClarity, a D2C plant-based beauty brand. “Daasity’s data model configuration has both enabled and empowered the team to answer important questions in our critical early stages of growth … Insight from this data has led to changes in strategy and decisions that otherwise would not have been feasible nor available to us with any other solution.” states bioClarity CEO Rick Sliter.

As the company looks forward to 2020, there are new product launches planned as well as a plan to build 70 additional data integrations.

For more information or a demo, visit www.Daasity.com.

About Daasity
Daasity is transforming the way companies access and use their data. It is the first and only company to design a proprietary platform specifically for the direct-to-consumer industry that makes business-critical data accessible and usable for strategic decision-making. The company’s mission is to make business-critical data accessible for all DTC brands. Visit www.Daasity.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.