Who is the Partner?

Skubana is a multi channel inventory management and ERP software platform that takes fragmented inventory solutions and allows users to view, manage and synchronize their entire inventory across all sales channels, warehouses, and more. Skubana also automates manual inventory processes including finding the best shipping services, routing orders, and optimizing fulfillment. 

What is the integration: 

Daasity combines and transforms inventory data from multiple stores through Skubana. Once the data is combined, customers can dig into SKU level by store and inventory by distribution center. This allows our customers to understand holistic store performance at a SKU and inventory level, giving them the key to synchronize all inventory management. Skubana also allows customers to automate processes, such as splitting shipments and routing, making it even easier to manage inventory across stores and channels. 

With Daasity and Skubana, you are able to: 

  1. Track your inventory across all stores – forget about those individual spreadsheets. 
  2. Manage your warehouses based on each store’s market needs – plan out your reorder rates and more at a strategic level. 
  3. Unify and simplify your operations with automations for your storespick and choose which processes you automate, and focus more on building your business instead of on semantics. 




Got questions? Let us know below, we’re always looking to improve our platform: