Who is the Partner?

ReCharge is the leading platform for subscription and recurring billing – it gives customers the ability to manage their subscriptions seamlessly, which includes managing delivery dates and updated billing information. Partnering with Shopify and Daasity gives subscription/recurring billing a whole new meaning.   

What is the integration: 

Daasity extracts all ReCharge data and transforms it to combine with Shopify along with other sales and marketing data to show you unit economics. This allows our customers to unlock their data to explore all sales data to distinguish between the best subscription customers versus non subscription customers and their overall performance. 

With Daasity and ReCharge, you are able to: 

  1. You’re finally able to see a full customer view and centralized data to make faster, smarter decisions to continue the acceleration of your brand.  
  2. Not only are you able to see if the subscription service that is offered to your customers is a sizable part of your revenue, but, you’re also able to see the subscription customer data vs. your one-time purchasers to better strategize how to turn your one-time purchasers into brand loyalists.  
  3. Unified order schema – all sales channels in data set and one dashboard to better understand what is most efficiently driving your growth. 

 Dashboards other brands have built with our team!

Got questions? Let us know below, we’re always looking to improve our platform: