Naturaily Names Daasity a Promising San Diego Startup

A big Thank You to Naturaily for the feature alongside some other innovative San Diego startups.

“When you think ‘startup’, most people think about California but, while many jump to San Francisco, we look to San Diego! We’ve met some fantastic companies there, so we know that it’s an awesome (but often overlooked) place to scale-up your startup idea or business!

In fact, San Diego has a lot going for it over its more famous contemporary counterpart. While it isn’t a globally recognized IT talent pool like ‘San Fran’, it nonetheless benefits in its own way by being free of the latter’s infamous rent and living cost issues. In other words, it’s an ideal location for a startup!

Want some proof? Here are 11 of the most inspiring or successful startups currently in San Diego.”

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About Daasity
Daasity is transforming the way companies access and use their data. It is the first and only company to design a proprietary platform specifically for the direct-to-consumer industry that makes business-critical data accessible and usable for strategic decision-making. The company’s mission is to make business-critical data accessible for all DTC brands. Visit or follow our LinkedIn & Twitter for tips, updates and more.