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Introducing Daasity

Authored November 1, 2017

Data is the new currency of growth in today’s digitized corporate world. Companies today face the issue of both access to quality data, as well as how to make sense of the magnitude of data they already have access to. Ten years ago, using data to drive business decisions was a luxury that larger companies with money and resources could take advantage of. With new, inexpensive technology and an increasingly competitive business environment, yesterday’s luxury has become today’s necessity. And while data management and analysis has become far more affordable, truly understanding and utilizing data remains out of reach for companies without solid data analytics experience and a data-driven organization.

Enter Daasity. Daasity was created with a single purpose: To democratize data, unleashing the benefits of proper data management and data analysis for companies of any size. Daasity is comprised of a team of digital commerce and consumer experience experts with 30+ combined years of experience delivering exceptional, data-driven results to companies of varying sizes. We cut our teeth as executives and in analytic leadership roles for large E-Commerce brands, driving consistent, profitable growth by guiding decision making across the entire organization. We understand how data can be used to drive efficient marketing programs, or to optimize operations to drive increased throughput and reduce cycle times. We’ve used data to create more efficient supply chains, and we know what data your merchandise and product departments should be looking at to decide what the next big seller is.

Our current client list runs the gamut from small companies attempting to expand their E-Commerce footprint to large E-Commerce enterprises with over $50 million in annual revenue. While the size of the decisions changes, the approaches and tools are the same, meaning our services are cost-efficient for companies of all sizes.

So, explore our blog and our website and learn what makes us so valuable to our clients. Please contact us with any inquiries. We are ready to help you unlock the power of your business data and turn your organization into a data-driven powerhouse.

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