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Who is the Partner?

Gorgias is an all in one place customer service platform that allows brands to manage customer support from multiple channels including email and chat box. It also synchronizes customer data with matching tickets to help you better understand your support audience. Brands can also set up automated responses based on common questions on tickets. Gorgias also integrates with multiple ecommerce apps including Shopify, ReCharge, ShipStation, Slack and more.  

What is the integration: 

Daasity pulls in data from Gorgias so our customers are able to track support tickets in one handy dashboard. Brands are able to pull specific metrics on tickets within the Daasity app so they can track and add macros, see average response times, resolve times and manage chat box responses. 

With Daasity and ReCharge, you are able to: 

  1. Better understand the average time it takes for your team to respond and resolve tickets – use this to your advantage to provide better customer service. 
  2. Keep track of open, pending and closed tickets to understand which areas of your business need the most support.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction through lever pulling based on trends in both email and chat box support. 





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