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CPO, CPA or ROAS: Which is a better Ecommerce KPI?

What is the difference between CPO and CPA?  The difference between Cost per Order (CPO) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is whether the transaction is from a new customer or any customer. CPO is a commonly used metric among companies in many industries. It is easy to calculate and easy to understand. Cost per Acquisition […]

Click Attribution: Types of Models & Attribution Strategy

What is click attribution? Click attribution is a way to determine what sources or campaigns are driving the most results for online companies. Many people like click attribution because it is trackable back to its site, email, or source, and click-through links can be programmed to include several attributes. Click attribution also allows people to […]

Conversion Funnel: How to Build, Analyze & Optimize

What Is A Conversion Funnel?  A conversion funnel, also referred to as a site funnel, is the path to purchase in an eCommerce store or site. In some ways, it can be compared to the traditional marketing funnel, but different than a traditional funnel, most of the steps are occurring on your site.     Generally, […]

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