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6 BIG trends in Data 2020

Last month, Daasity sponsored and attended the Looker JOIN conference, one of the premiere events of the year for data enthusiasts worldwide. Tech based conferences are as fun as they sound, really. Not only do we get to spend 3 days with hundreds of like-minded folks, learn newer and better ways to use a software […]

CPO, CPA or ROAS: Which is a better Ecommerce KPI?

What is the difference between CPO and CPA?  The difference between Cost per Order (CPO) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is whether the transaction is from a new customer or any customer. CPO is a commonly used metric among companies in many industries. It is easy to calculate and easy to understand. Cost per Acquisition […]

Enabling An Omnichannel Data Solution with Daasity 

“How are sales this month?” Seems like a straightforward, simple-to-answer question, especially with so much data and tools right at our fingertips. If you are an omnichannel retailer, which most are, this question probably takes some time to answer.   What does omnichannel mean?  Being an omnichannel retailer means you sell your product or service across […]

How to Do a Customer Profitability Analysis

What is customer profitability  Profitability is every businesses goal. Many factor can influence how attainable and sustainable it is, and one of those factors is your customer profitability. Customer profitability is far more than just the gross or net margin generated on a transaction or even their calculated lifetime value. A proper customer profitability analysis […]

Defining LTV and 3 ways to leverage it 

Not all customers are created equal. Every business owner is well aware that a portion of customers are loyal and will repeat purchase in a predictable way and others will lapse, or no longer purchase from the business. A customers’ behavior related to how frequently they buy and how much they spend are factored into […]

How To Combine A Retail Calendar With Retail Sales Data

How often have you heard retailers, restaurants, or other companies talk about “comp” sales? In retail, comparable store sales indicate the performance of a company based off of sales from the previous period. For many, this happens quarterly or even monthly, and outlines how a store is performing year over year. However, year over year […]