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Daasity Sponsors JOIN 2019

  Looker announced details for JOIN 2019, its annual three-day conference designed to offer a unique opportunity to explore the latest in practical data skills, network with fellow data enthusiasts and engage with leaders across the data community including Slack, Namely, Chicago Cubs and more. The event was sponsored by some of the biggest names […]

Daasity Featured in Sendlane’s Marketing Automation Podcast

Dan LeBlanc, CEO of Daasity, is featured on Sendlane’s Marketing Automation podcast to discuss industry trends and how Daasity is moving to revolutionize the tools E-commerce companies use to make data based decisions. Daasity helps companies ingest all of their data and combines multiple channels to give companies a deep dive in to their channel […]

Daasity awarded Best Vertical Integrator at the 2019 Looker Partner Summit

SAN DIEGO – (Nov. 18, 2019) – Daasity, an end-to-end analytics solution provider for direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailers, had the honor of winning the award for Best Vertical Integrator given during the 2019 Looker Partner Summit on November 5, 2019. Looker awarded six partner companies out of its 400+ partner ecosystem at the summit this year. […]

Daasity Reaches a Milestone and Successfully Raises $2.3M

Daasity Reaches a Milestone and Successfully Raises $2.3M I’m thrilled to announce that Daasity has reached a major milestone by successfully raising $2.3M in our first round of funding. I believe in what we are building and am elated that our investors do too. Our debut investment round was oversubscribed and led by Okapi Venture […]

Click Attribution: Types of Models & Attribution Strategy

What is click attribution? Click attribution is a way to determine what sources or campaigns are driving the most results for online companies. Many people like click attribution because it is trackable back to its site, email, or source, and click-through links can be programmed to include several attributes. Click attribution also allows people to […]

Conversion Funnel: How to Build, Analyze & Optimize

What Is A Conversion Funnel?  A conversion funnel, also referred to as a site funnel, is the path to purchase in an eCommerce store or site. In some ways, it can be compared to the traditional marketing funnel, but different than a traditional funnel, most of the steps are occurring on your site.     Generally, […]

Creating Actionable Customer Segmentation Models

What is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation is a way to split customers into groups based on certain characteristics that those customers share. All customers share the common need of your product or service, but beyond that, there are distinct demographic differences (i.e., age, gender) and they tend to have additional socio-economic, lifestyle, or other behavioral […]