Who is the Partner?

Amazon Seller Central holds a huge business potential for online merchants. It gives every merchant access to millions of customers on the world’s largest e-commerce platform; all the while, merchants have complete control over their listings and own products. Amazon Seller Central is one of the most powerful marketplaces in the world and a huge asset to thousands of companies

What is the integration: 

Daasity takes your Amazon Seller Central data and layers it on-top of your Shopify data. It takes all of your SKU data, from both stores and inputs it into one dashboard, making it easy to understand metrics across both sales channels in one accessible screen. 

With Daasity and ReCharge, you are able to: 

  1. It gives you the power to make bigger business decisions in one click.  
  2. It allows you to see all product data in one viewYou’re able to tell how quickly a product is moving on Shopify and Amazon. 
  3. It also takes your inventory levels and manages them all in one place. So long are the days of having to log into seller central and Shopify to manage when product re-orders have to happenyou’re able to see it in one view and see your “true” inventory levels.  


Got questions? Let us know below, we’re always looking to improve our platform: