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About Us

We Democratize Big Data

The digital revolution has exponentially increased both the quantity of and the access to ‘everything data’, making Big Data a strategic imperative for businesses. Yet the benefits of harnessing data have been mostly relegated to multi-million dollar corporations with the resources to invest in this capability.

Daasity seeks to change this. We have created both the capability and the methodology to give companies of ALL sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, the ability to harness and leverage data to improve their operational performance.

The genesis of daasity is in “data as a service”. We have developed proprietary platforms using cloud-based technology to seamlessly integrate our client’s data into an integrated Big Data platform. Daasity delivers all of the functionality and power of standard Big Data solutions without the costly investments in hardware and software licenses.

Our Story

The founders of daasity are former C-suite and senior leadership level executives who have a track record of accomplishments and operating experiences ranging from strategic development to tactical execution. We have helped create and grow multi-million dollar corporations with the reputation for being best-in-class practitioner of Big Data analytics.

Unlike typical consultants, we talk “plain speak”. We bring our clients a practical and straightforward approach to Big Data, a subject that can be daunting and complex. We speak your language

  • Dan LeBlanc

    Co-founder, Daasity

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  • Chris Shimojima

    Co-founder, Daasity

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  • Sean Corson

    Co-founder, Daasity

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“Daasity has helped Ad Results Media become a best in class data-driven organization.  Thanks to Daasity we are able to react quickly and intelligently to new opportunities and changing trends through the use of our data.”

– Steve Shanks, CRO Ad Results Media